Achilles Peshos's Testimonials

For over 10 years Achilles and his team have handled the sale, leasing and assisted in acquiring of all our residential and commercial property. He exceeded expectations in the sale of our home, regardless of being out of area and turned our commercial property horror story into the best performing rental we have today.
Con & Meni Soumilas
The Edge Property Agency Dear Achilles and Daniela, Now that you have been managing my properties for six months, I would like to record my appreciation and thanks for your efforts. My properties have been previously managed by other firms, but it is now apparent to me that the rents were collected but the portfolio has never been managed! You have brought the rents up significantly to market level and brought recalcitrant tenants to heel. You have communicated with me with a thoroughness I have never before experienced and made it a pleasure instead of a headache to own investment property. Your energy and enthusiasm has been exemplary! I look forward with anticipation and confidence to the further improvements that you have promised me will come with further time under your management as you straighten out the previous under performance of the properties under management. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to friends and acquaintances who might be seeking property services. Yours most sincerely, Chris Borton
Dr. Christopher Borton
We have known Achilles Peshos, Principal and Licensee of The Edge Property Agency, since May 2006 when we asked the team at The Edge to take over management of our investment properties. Since that time Achilles has been actively engaged in all aspects of our portfolio, including selling two of our properties, managing our properties, monitoring our portfolio, providing advice, and ensuring that the team at The Edge provides us with a high standard of service. In relation to property management, Achilles focuses on achieving the best possible yield in the context of changing market conditions. He works well with our Property Manager to provide any additional support, information and/or advice as required to protect our investments. In 2009, Achilles Peshos and the team at The Edge successfully conducted the sale of two investment properties on our behalf. Our view is that in both cases the price achieved was as high as the market would bear and could not have been bettered by any other agency. Achilles is very focused on achieving the sale with the best possible result. Although selling a property is naturally stressful, we found it reassuring to deal with Achilles. His advice was realistic and practical. He was attuned to the mood of the purchasers who inspected the properties. He kept us informed and responded promptly and honestly to our questions. He is always respectful. We believe these qualities also had a positive effect on potential buyers. For the reasons above we will continue to rely on Achilles Peshos and the team at The Edge Property Agency, for the management and/or sale of our properties. Yours faithfully, Delia Mazzina and John Gibbins. 
Delia Mazzina and John Gibbins